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Netsurfers Internet is a dedicated South African Internet Service provider. We offer a comprehensive service that includes everything from connectivity to website design, domain hosting and email hosting. We offer extremely competitive pricing. Our base package, which will give you up to 10 email addresses, domain hosting and website hosting as well as up to 1 Terabyte of data per month from R120.00 per month is unbeatable in South Africa. We have had 100% uptime as well for the past five years.
We are also now able to offer VoIP services at an extremely good rate and you can make international calls from your PC, iPad or Tablet and even smartphone. All that is required is an ADSL line with a wifi connection.

Whether you want just a reliable Internet connection or a fully fledged hosted service, we are able to cater for your every need, even to supplying you with the hardware required. Our dedicated team can assist you with setting up your system for optimal performance. If you require a full web presence, including email for your domain, we can assist you.

We now offer an integrated Domain hosting control panel where customers not only have control over their website content but can also manage up to 10 email addresses for their domains. You can now add, modify and delete email addresses whenever the need arises. This comes with a comprehensive spam and anti-virus filter where you can set the level of protection. All this at no extra cost.

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